Censys propels industrial drone users by minimizing overhead and operation headaches with industry-leading, long-range drones that distinguish your brand.


The Sentaero is a budget-friendly long-range system customized around commercial aerial solutions to streamline versatility and advanced unmanned service providers.


The Striped Manta is an ultra-long-range drone solution ideal for covering acreage in the thousands. Launching in 2018, the  Manta is the highest value drone in its class.


At Censys we strive to be an extension of our customer through our service. If you are looking for a custom payload solution, we are the company for you!

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More Efficient Inspections: Beyond the Line of Sight

While growing up in a small Illinois town, Trevor Perrott, a product of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, regularly heard farmers lamenting crop losses. He understood that close, continuous crop inspections are essential to preventing losses…