Why choose Sentaero?


  • Easy to use interface that will simplify your operations

  • Long-range platform allows flexibility you can leverage

  • Compact size that adds mobility High quality data that you can count on

  • Safer flights that decrease your liability pains

  • Complementary custom decaling will make you stand out


Streamlined Versatility- the Censys Sentaero is an industry leading mid-to-long range UAV built for commercial use. We built the Sentaero to fit both small businesses looking for great value in coverage per dollar and for larger enterprises or government organizations that are looking for ease of use and increased efficiency. Due to the versatility of this product, it can be retrofitted for many applications, including but not limited to: agriculture surveying, search and rescue, pipeline monitoring, emergency response, infrastructure inspection, and disaster relief.

Technical Specs


  • Battery Life* 90 Minutes
  • Flight Controller  Ardupilot
  • Payload  Parrot Sequoia/ Edmond Optics
  • Flight Planner Mission Planner
  • Range* 950 Acres or 40 Miles
  • Altitude 400’ AGL**
  • Recovery Belly Landing
  • Launch Hand or Catapult
  • ADS-B*** Receiving


* UAV configured with Parrot Sequoia at sea level conditions at 60% side overlap; 814 acres at 70% side overlap*

** AGL (Above Ground Level), altitude is regulated by the US FAA **

*** ADS-B allows the operator to see manned aircraft position in real-time during the flight ***

4 Mission Steps

  • Plan Mission

    Set a flight plan with geofencing using Mission Planner

  • Pre-flight

    Slide and lock wings, plug in battery, and upload the mission.

  • Flight

    Monitor the flight live from your ground station and be notified of any changes.

  • Post-Flight

    Take action on the knowledge gained from your Sentaero.


3 Payload Options

  • Optical

    The optical packages include a 18.1MP Edmund Optics Camera.

  • Thermal

    Our Standard Multispectral package includes a Parrot Sequoia.

  • Custom Payload Ask us about a custom payload option!


2 Operators

  • Pilot in Command

    The pilot in command controls the aircraft when it’s not in autonomous mode.

  • Visual Observer

    The visual observer aids in initial launch and then monitors the flight conditions.